Jack Hamlyn
You may be wondering why this Hamlyn guy has a page on
Corpseking.com. Am I promoting another author? Nah, just myself. Jack
Hamlyn was a pseudonym I wrote under for awhile and mainly--I'm not
too proud to admit--to cash in on the zombie craze. Although making
some hard scratch was the primary reason, I had a lot of fun writing
these novels. They were your basic zombie shoot-em-ups, but I tried to
give them a little more depth and a lot more grue and gore than I was
seeing in most of these deadhead series. I'm still planning on doing a
couple more
Necrophobia books and finishing off the Vampirus series.
And that's where you come in, dear reader. If you've read any of these
and liked them (or even hated them), drop me a line below or, if you
prefer, drop my alter-ego a line, and let me/us know your thoughts. I'd
appreciate it.